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The HF2LI-RT option consists of a programming environment that enables the user to implement customized software on a powerful embedded Microblaze® processor inside the HF2LI. Plenty of resources to support complex algorithms are provided. This is for instance required by RT (real-time) applications needing fast reaction based of input signal changes. The processor runs free of interrupts and the timing behaviour of the software is inherently robust and reproducible.

Key Features

* User programmability for embedded processor
* 32-bit processing unit at 64 MHz, a 32-bit floating-point unit,
64 Mbyte of RAM
* Real-time system reaction time better than 10 µs
* Extensive development environment in C
(API, libraries, compiler, documentation, examples)
* File I/O support for writing data to files on the host PC
* Access to all settings of the Instrument
* Automatic synchronization of settings between
user interface ziControl and real-time program
* Option upgradeable in the field


* Real-time closed-loop control
* Open-loop applications: high-speed, high-throughput testing
* Custom control algorithms: automatic gain control, PID (proportional integration derivative) control
* Oscillation control
* Periodic and automated testing

Functional Diagram


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