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Quad PID Controller

The HF2LI-PID option builds on the HF2LI and seamlessly integrates no less than 4 high performance PID (proportional integral derivative) controllers for general purpose control. The controllers provide the means to efficiently implement closed loop control on several physical parameters of the HF2LI outputs. In particular the PID units can be used to support automatic gain control, oscillator frequencies, or analog outputs.

Key Features

* 4 fully programmable PID controllers
* 1 kHz total bandwidth to be shared among the PIDs
* Preconfigured settings for automatic gain control (AGC)
and Kelvin probe feedback (KPF)
* Full proportional, integral, derivative parameter control

Compatibility to Other Options

* Compatible to HF2LI-MF Multi-frequency option
* Compatible to HF2LI-PLL Dual Phase-locked Loop option

User Benefits

* Improve closed-loop bandwidth compared to LabVIEW implementation by orders of magnitude
* No external PID hardware required, better performance, less system noise
* Out-of-the-box closed-loop control solution: no programming required (e.g. LabVIEW,C)


* Automatic gain control (AGC)
* Kelvin probe feedback (KPF)
* Axis control: Z-control as for scanning near-field optical microscopy (NSOM)
* Electronics & Engineering

Functional Diagram


Configuration Quad-PID
Total regulation bandwidth 1 kHz
Total update rate 100 kSamples/s
Regulated units (inputs) X, Y, R, and Theta from demodulators 1 to 6, auxiliary input 1 and 2, frequency deviation from PLL 1 & 2
Regulated units (outputs) Amplitudes of oscillators 1 to 8, frequency of oscillators 1 to 6, auxiliary outputs 1 to 4, digital output DIO (16 bit)
Controllable loop parameters set point, offset, time constant, proportional gain, range, enable

Note: availability of the regulated units depends on installed options


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