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Dual Phase-locked Loop Advisor

You dislike software with many configurable parameters and prefer assisted configuration? You understand each single signal processing step, and still you miss the system overview? You require to make qualified statements on closed-loop stability and like immediate simulation results? Imagine a software that helps you to find the right configuration settings for PLL phase detector, loop filters, PI controller, and also considers the external resonator for closed loop operation. Zurich Instruments has recognized this challenge, and provides the solution for fast, efficient, and flexible PLL configuration: the HF2PLL Advisor.

Key Features

* Intuitive configuration tool for phase detector, resonator, and PID controller settings
* Bode plot and phase margin calculation
* Supports complete operation range of the PLL
* Comes with the HF2PLL product and the HF2LI-PLL option

User Benefits

* Immediate and accurate system response analysis
* Fast configuration and complete system overview
* Avoids tedious frequency scans
* Supports trainees in signal processing know-how acquisition


Zurich Instruments significantly simplifies the procedure to find the right PLL settings compared to existing systems. Instead of performing time-consuming frequency scans, the HF2PLL Advisor provides immediate response by means of an numerical algorithm. The input parameters are the PLL center frequency, the PLL bandwidth, the phase detector loop filters, and the Advisor automatically calculates a good fit for the PI controller. Further also the closed loop transfer function is displayed in the Bode plot. In particular, the PLL Advisor also calculates the phase margin, which is the phase distance to -180 degrees at the cut-off frequency in the open loop system analysis.

The PLL Advisor is easy to handle and fast providing the system estimation analysis. Calculated PI controller parameters can be easily transferred to the PLL settings by pressing a button. A warning flag indicates if the algorithm did not find a suitable solution.
HF2PLL Advisor: based on our product philosophy

* Reducing lab setup complexity: Zurich Instruments focuses on products that permit user workflow simplification where applicable, and therefore supports users to focus on their complex challenges instead of the measurement instrumentation. The HF2PLL Advisor speeds-up the tedious task of finding the right PLL settings, and improves the scientist's task.
* Detailed application know-how: Zurich Instruments transforms the voice of the users into innovative product improvements, and therefore always supports the most advanced applications. The HF2PLL Advisor has been validated with many users to confirm its utility and accuracy.
* Premium customer care: Zurich Instruments continuously provides added value features for symbiotic customer support. Users profit from high service level, great customer intimacy, and top customer satisfaction. All Zurich Instruments add-ons like the HF2PLL Advisor, which are provided at no additional cost, prove the dedication to the needs of the users in the field.


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