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The HF2LI-MF multi-frequency option impressively extends the capability of the HF2LI lock-in amplifier by adding a wide range of configuration alternatives. This largely improves the flexibility of the instrument and enlarges the research horizon of scientists.

Key Features

* Signal input switch matrix for all 6 demodulators
* Arbitrary frequency for all 6 demodulators
* Oscillator switch matrix
* Individual demodulator filter settings (slope and time constant)
* Extended ziControl host control program
* Option upgradeable in the field

The HF2LI-MF, in combination with the HF2LI, provides the capability to analyze a signal at 6 frequencies simultaneously. The independent configuration for each demodulator allows to choose the function of each demodulator between harmonic frequency, arbitrary frequency analysis, or reference frequency tracking. This feature aims to replace a stack of lock-in amplifiers resulting in the simplification of any laboratory setup and yielding monetary savings for the user. Today the multi-frequency operation is a unique capability provided by Zurich Instruments not matched by any competing instrument.


* Semiconductor & Engineering
* Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
* Sensors and Actuators
* Materials Science
* Laser Spectroscopy

Functional Diagram


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