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Asia Flow Chemistry

Asia is a revolutionary range of advanced flow chemistry products which will be launched in February 2011. It has been designed by chemists for chemists to enable the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use. The proprietary technology allows automated experiments with or without a PC. Asia offers maximum chemical resistance with an extensive range of temperatures, pressures, and reaction times on scales from mg to kg.

Asia benefits:

* Flexible: Many system configurations available enabling a wide variety of chemical reactions
* Easy to Use: Twist and click knobs, large displays and intuitive
* Automated: Advanced control of reaction conditions and collection
* Excellent chemical compatibility: Glass, PTFE and PCTFE (stainless steel and hastelloy possible)
* Wide flow rate range: 1.0µl to 10ml/min
* Safe reactions: Exotherms and hazardous intermediates are minimised
* No tools required: Components can be changed in seconds
* High pressure: Operates up to 20bar
* Wide temperature range: Operates from -15°C to + 250°C

Asia is a modular flow chemistry system making it ideal for both beginners with modest budgets and experts who demand the utmost functionality.

Syrris has pre-configured some systems for certain types of chemistry:

* For manually operated flow chemistry, the Asia 1-series
* For automation of one flow experiment, the Asia 2-series
* For total automation of process optimisation, the Asia 3-series

What is common is that every system includes the Asia Syringe Pump – the most sophisticated flow chemistry pump available


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