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Syrris Africa LogP/LogD

The Syrris Africa LogP/LogD (log) System enables entirely automated partitioning and separation of samples for logP and logD studies with optional analysis. At the heart of the system lies the FLLEX (Flow Liquid Liquid EXtraction) Module which flows two immiscible liquids together with rapid partitioning and separation at a microfluidic scale.

The correlation between the Africa LogP/LogD System and the traditional shake flask method is excellent.

The LogP/logD system can be used to either gather samples for logP/D measurement offline or can include the Africa HPLC system for direct analysis of concentrations in samples separated by the FLLEX.

An Africa LogP/LogD System contains the following modules.
Description Part Number
Microreactors - Various
Tube Reactors - Various
Reagent Pumps - 2100140
Heater/Cooler - 2100090
Reagent Store - 2100150
Pressurisation Module - 2110701
Tube Reactor Heater (Optional) - 2100640
Laptop and Software - 2110724
Synthesis Pack - 2110714


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