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FRX 400

FRX400 offers the widest range of reaction scale and sophistication possible, allowing heated and cooled, multi step reactions with online work-up.

The FRX400 includes all the functionality of FRX300 but also has the full range of Syrris reactors, 4 Pumps, 2 Hotplates, 2 Reagent Modules and the Cooling Insert. This enables up to 4 inputs into a multi step reaction or 3 inputs and an immiscible aqueous work-up stream, reaction steps at different temperatures, cooling to -20°C and injection of small quantities of up to 4 reagents via sample loops.

The FLLEX (Flow Liquid Liquid EXtraction) Module combines two immiscible phases in a mixer to give rapid partitioning, then separates the two phases as a continual flow process. Reaction optimisation and preparative synthesis are possible using the full range of micro reactors, tube reactors and solid-phase columns.

The inclusion of solid phase columns allows solid supported reagents, scavengers and catalysts to be used. The system also includes a Pressurisation Module, enabling operation above solvent boiling points, and a Collection Module which allows manual collection of different reactions.
All of the tubing required to connect the modules is provided cut to length, pre-terminated and labelled for convenience.

Extra tubing and connectors are also supplied in the form of a Flow Tubing Starter Pack. A Pneumatic Adaptor Pack is included in the FRX400 system to allow easy connection of the Pressurisation Module to a variety of common laboratory gas fittings.

The FRX400 System contains the following modules:
Description Part Number
4 FRX Pumps - 2101305
2 FRX Reagent Module (Including 2 x 5ml Sample Loops) - 2101308
FRX Volcano (With 1 x Microreactor and 2 x Column Adaptors) - 2101311
62.5µl Microreactor Chip 2 Input - 2100141
250µl Microreactor Chip 2 Input - 2100143
1000µl Microreactor Chip 2 Input - 2100145
4ml Tube Reactor PTFE - 2100632
16ml Tube Reactor PTFE - 2100633
FRX Column Pack (1 of Each Size) - 2101345
2 FRX IKA Hotplate - 2101310
FRX Pressurisation Module - 2101307
FRX FLLEX Module - 2101306
FRX Collection Module - 2101309
Chip Header - 2100147
Tube Reactor 3 Input Adaptor (PCTFE) - 2100915
Tube Reactor Ring Set - 2100838
FRX Collection Needle - 2101381
FRX Pneumatic Adaptor Pack - 2101352
Flow Tubing Starter Pack - 2110713
FRX 400 Plumbing Set - 2101402


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