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FRX 200

FRX200 is a flexible system enabling solid phase or solution phase chemistry on mg - kg scale and multi step chemistry.

The FRX200 allows smaller quantities of reagents to be injected into the flow system using the Reagent Module or to be pumped through the pumps as in the FRX 100.

Reaction optimisation and preparative synthesis are possible using a range of different reactors (a microrector, tube reactor and 4 solid-phase columns). The inclusion of solid phase columns allows solid supported reagents, scavengers and catalysts to be used.

The system also includes a Pressurisation Module, enabling operation above solvent boiling points, and a Collection Module which allows manual collection of different fractions of products as reaction conditions change.

All of the tubing required to connect the modules is provided cut to length, terminated with connectors and labelled for convenience. Extra tubing and connectors are also supplied in the form of a Flow Tubing Starter Pack.

A Pneumatic Adaptor Pack is included in the FRX200 system to allow easy connection of the Pressurisation Module to a variety of common laboratory gas fittings.

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The FRX200 System contains the following modules:

Description Part Number
2 FRX Pumps - 2101305
FRX Reagent Module (Including 2 x 5ml Sample Loops) - 2101308
FRX Volcano (With 1 x Microreactor and 2 x Column Adaptors) - 2101311
250ul Microreactor Chip 2 Input - 2100143
4ml Tube Reactor PTFE - 2100632
FRX Column Pack (1 of Each Size) - 2101345
FRX IKA Hotplate - 2101310
FRX Pressurisation Module - 2101307
FRX Collection Module - 2101309
Chip Header - 2100147
Tube Reactor 3 Input Adaptor (PCTFE) - 2100915
Tube Reactor Ring Set - 2100838
FRX Collection Needle - 2101381
FRX Pneumatic Adaptor Pack - 2101352
Flow Tubing Starter Pack - 2110713
FRX 200 Plumbing Set - 2101402


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