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Atlas Overview

Atlas Reporting Software enables easy graphical analysis of log files generated by the Base Unit, Atlas Software 1, or Atlas Syringe Pump. Log files in .csv format are easily imported using the simple wizard style software, allowing graphs to be created, customized and printed, quickly and easily.

* Intelligent: Atlas Reporting Software converts complex log files into easy to use graphical data.
* User-friendly:Atlas Reporting Software generates graphs through wizard style software in the space of seconds, with easy to use, ‘drag and drop’ interface, enabling fast analysis.
* Easy data capture: Log files are easily downloaded from Atlas modules (Atlas Base Unit, Atlas Syringe Pump, Reactor Master, Software) using a USB stick.
* Universal: Log files (from Atlas modules or other software) can be uploaded to the Atlas Reporting Software for instant graphical analysis of reaction data.
* Customizable: Data and graphs are easily edited with the click of a button and files can be exported as an image, PDF or .csv file.
* Cost-effective: Atlas Reporting Software is a cost-effective solution for people who want an intelligent and easy to use software platform for interpreting reaction data files.
* Easy processing of calorimetric data: Sophisticated raw data is automatically converted to calibrated power and enthalpy.


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