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Custom Reactor Systems Overview

For jacketed reactor systems with requirements outside of the Atlas range, Syrris offer Custom Reactor Systems. Ranging from 10 ml to 250 L, custom reactors are designed and built by Syrris to the users specifications.

Complete systems can include reactors, stirrers, circulators, temperature probes, pumps, balances, sensors, etc. and be integrated with pH and/or liquid control. With manual operation or complete automation via the Atlas PC software, Syrris’ custom reactor service will provide a highly adaptable solution for any chemistry laboratory.

With over 200 man years of combined experience, Syrris chemists and engineers manufacture the highest quality customized laboratory reactor systems. They are assembled to the customers specification and rigorously tested at our facility before installation at your laboratory.

Custom Reactor Systems generally fall into one of the following categories (click for more information):

* A High Pressure System
* An Atmospheric System
* A Continuous Flow System

Some recent case studies include:

Case Study 1

20 litre automated synthesis system for a world leading pharmaceutical company. This included high torque stirring, volumetric liquid addition and temperature monitoring and logging.
Case Study 2

Two interchangeable reactors (5 and 10 litres) with speed and torque monitoring. Temperature dependant gravimetric dosing with full data-logging.
Case Study 3

High pressure (200 bar) and high temperature (500°C) continuous flow reactor.

Features: 5 gas feeds (automatically selected), one liquid feed, mass flow meter, take off for Gas Chromatography, catalyst bed, 4 optical probes (supplied by customer), full data logging and automation.
Case Study 4

An automated, 100 litre single jacketed glass reaction system (-20°C to +200°C) with temperature dependent gravimetric dosing. Features included full data logging, automation and distillation condenser.
Case Study 5

1.5 litre high pressure (60 bar) and high temperature (350°C) stainless steel jacketed reactor system with calorimetry.

Features: Automated pressure control (using the Atlas Pressure Control Module), high torque overhead stirring with torque feedback, mass flow meter, power compensation calorimetry, heat flow calorimetry and high pressure liquid dosing.


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