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Atlas Parallel Systems

Atlas Parallel Systems are multi-position reactor stations for up to 8 Atlas jacketed reactors or round bottom flasks, all controlled from one PC. They offer full, independent control and logging of all reaction parameters such as temperature, stirrer speed, pH, dosing, heat flow, turbidity, etc. and are therefore ideal for process optimisation.

* Full parallel control: Complete independent control of up to 8 Atlas Parallel Chemistry Systems (listed opposite) is possible from one PC. Control similar or totally different systems simultaneously.
* Total flexibility: Choose reactor sizes from 50ml to 5 litres. Atlas Parallel System reactors can also be separated and controlled from the front panel or with the PC software.
* Easy to use software: The Software enables apparatus to be configured using the simple “drag and drop” interface and recipes can be easily created, changed and saved.
* Quick change vessel: The oil drain unit, vessel clamp and quick oil connectors allow jacketed vessels to be changed in under a minute, without the need for tools.
* Control of manufacturer’s apparatus: The intelligent software will not only control Atlas hardware, but also RS232 controlled apparatus e.g. pumps, balances, circulators, flow meters, vacuum controllers, FTIR probes, FBRM probes, etc.
* Safe: Responses from sensors can be constantly monitored and graphed with easy to use alarms and emergency control.
* Easy control and data logging: Experiments can be modified “on the fly”. All process data can be graphed in real time and is logged to one .csv data file making analysis easy.


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