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Atlas Flask and Vial Systems

The Atlas Lithium and Sodium systems automate reactions in round bottom flasks. The Atlas Hotplate and Stacking Dry Bath rapidly heat round bottom flasks from 50ml to 1 litre yet the exterior surface remains safe to touch.

The clamp automatically aligns a range of flasks to the Dry Bath. Turning the control knob changes the Hotplate temperature and the Magnetic Stirrer speed.

Easy, plug in upgrades include the Scorpion Overhead Stirrer for viscous solutions or large quantities of solids, and an in-reaction temperature probe.

The Atlas Hotplate can also be substituted for a Hot and Cold Plate, with the heating and cooling circulator controlled by the base.

The Atlas Syringe Pump offers automatic reagent dosing for simple additions or intelligent, active control of parameters including pH and temperature. Controlled by the Atlas Base or used by itself, the versatile Syringe Pump can be configured into two independent refilling flows, one continuous flow or an auto-sampler.

For parallel flasks, the Stacking Dry Bath can be substituted for a triple bath, and for parallel vials or reaction tubes, it can be replaced with vial baths or Orbit systems if reflux or inert conditions are required.

Available for six 45ml tubes or twelve 10ml tubes, the Orbit systems offer efficient parallel chemistry with easy access to reaction tubes.

Atlas also allows heating, cooling, stirring and reagent addition profiles to be created and run automatically from the Atlas Base, with full data logging. Control systems in parallel using the Atlas Software.


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