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Atlas Sodium Pressure

The Atlas Sodium Pressure System is a modular pressure reactor that can be controlled automatically or manually. Available in volumes up to 450ml, the Atlas Sodium Pressure System offers heating and/or cooling, overhead or magnetic stirring, pressure sensing and options such as pressure control, mass flow control and gas selection.

* High pressure: The Atlas Sodium Pressure System has an operating pressure of up to 200 bar (contact Syrris for higher pressures).
* Easy to use: Dry Bath for high pressure reactor is designed to fit easily and safely on the Atlas hotplate.
* Advanced control: The PC software offers gas selection and automated pressure or mass flow control.
* High performance stirring: The Atlas Sodium Pressure System offers powerful overhead (up to 800RPM) or magnetic stirring (up to 1200RPM).
* High operating temperature: Will operate to temperatures up to 250°C (contact Syrris for higher temperatures).
* Versatile: The Atlas Sodium Pressure System offers liquid sampling at high pressures/temperatures.
* Ideal for catalyst screening: Quick automation and optimisation of high pressure reactions.
* Variety of vessels: The Atlas Sodium Pressure System can be supplied with 100, 160, 300 and 450ml reaction vessels in stainless steel 316, hastelloy, titanium, etc.
* Safe: Burst disc, maximum temperature cut out and complies with PED / ASME design codes.
* Data-logging with PC: All data such as pressure, temperature, stirrer speed, etc. is logged automatically.


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