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Atlas Overview

Atlas is a modular laboratory product designed specifically for research and development chemists. It is extremely easy to use and equally powerful performing processes such as reactions in jacketed reactors, round bottom flasks, pressure reactors or vials.

Atlas lab reactor is unique, and can be scaled in 3 ways: by volume (1ml – 5 litres), automation level (manually controlled or full automated laboratory reactor) and number of reactions (single or parallel reactors). Its unique design means it is fast and easy to change configuration from one to another without the need for tools.

At the centre of every Atlas system is the Atlas base. It contains a powerful computer with chemically resistant mechanical and electronic connections. The base can monitor sensors and control process parameters such as temperatures, pH, turbidity, stirrer speed and reagent addition.

Parameters can be defined as single setpoints or as sophisticated profiles. The base automatically logs all set points and sensor data which can then be downloaded in one file.

For more sophisticated reaction control, with real time graphs, Atlas can be controlled by unique Software. Powerful and easy to use, the Atlas Software can control and monitor other manufacturer’s laboratory apparatus. It can even perform complete reaction calorimetry with real time reaction power and enthalpy graphs.

For more information on different functionalities, see our other videos or visit the specific system pages now, e.g. Jacketed Reactors, Calorimeter, Pressure Reactors, Flasks and Vials, Parallel Systems, Syringe Pump, Software or Atlas Catalogue .

For requirements outside of the Atlas range, please see our Custom Reactor Systems.

Atlas Applications

* Reaction development
* Reaction optimization
* Process screening
* Synthesis automation
* Process analytical technology
* Scale-up chemistry
* Crystallization

* Parallel chemistry
* High throughput chemistry
* Calorimetry
* FTIR analysis
* High pressure
* And many more...

Atlas Benefits:

* Easy to use: Twist and click knob, large display and intuitive.
* Automated: Walk away synthesis.
* Full data capture: Download all data to a USB stick in .csv format.
* High performance hotplate or circulator temperature control: Rapid heating to 280°C and accurate control.
* High performance magnetic or overhead stirring: 1200RPM magnetic or 800RPM overhead stirrer.
* Quick: Everything clicks together quickly and easily without the need for tools.
* Small footprint: 23cm (9") square easily fits in fume cupboards.
* Robust: Specifically designed for use in chemical laboratories.
* Safe: Auto shut down, alarms and safe touch surfaces.

Atlas Systems

Atlas can be configured into a wide range of different systems.

Jacketed Reactor Systems

Jacketed vessels from 100ml to 5 litres can be controlled in a fully automated fashion. They can be easily changed due to the quick release vessel clamp, auto aligning stirrer, quick connect fluid hoses and semi-automatic circulator fluid drain.

Without PC control, the intelligent base can control circulator or reaction temperature, overhead stirrer speed and reagent addition from a pump. Data from sensors such as thermocouples, pH sensors, turbidity probes and stirrers are recorded by the base and can be downloaded to a USB stick.

All of the Atlas Jacketed Reactor Systems are based on the Atlas Potassium System.

* Atlas Potassium System: Performs reactions in jacketed reactors
* Atlas Calorimeter System: Enables heat flow and power compensation calorimetry
* Atlas Volumetric Dosing System: Includes the Atlas Syringe Pump
* Atlas Gravimetric Dosing System: Includes a controlled peristaltic pump and balance
* Atlas pH Monitoring System: Includes a pH sensor
* Atlas pH Control System: Automatically doses reagent to control pH
* Atlas Remote Mount System: For remote control of reactors of up to 5 litres
* Atlas Software and Ports System: Control of Atlas hardware and/or 3rd party devices
* Atlas Turbidity System: Ideal for processes involving crystallization steps
* Atlas SonoLab System: Crystallization control, sonomilling and sonochemistry
* Atlas FTIR System: Includes an FTIR Spectrometer system for in situ reaction monitoring
* Atlas Parallel System: Up to 8 Atlas jacketed reactors can be controlled from on PC
* Atlas High Pressure System: Allows reactions up to 3 bar pressure

Vial and Round Bottom Flask Systems

A variety of dry bath options fit onto the hotplate and magnetic stirrer for single round bottom flasks or parallel flasks or vials. For cooled reactions, the hotplate can be removed and a cold plate fitted.

The Stacking Atlas Dry Bath has concentric cups allowing round bottom flasks from 50ml to 1 litre to be heated or cooled. A triple dry bath is available for flasks from 50ml to 250ml and the Atlas Vial Baths can conveniently heat or cool a wide range of reaction vials.The Atlas Orbit can heat 6 or 12 reaction tubes with a reflux in an inert atmosphere. The base can automatically run reaction profiles and add reagents.

* Atlas Lithium System: Automates reactions in flasks or vials
* Atlas Sodium System: Automates viscous reactions in round bottom flasks
* Atlas Dry Bath: For heating or cooling round bottom flasks


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