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Reference 600

The Reference 600 is a very high performance Potentiostat! With the Reference 600, you can measure the impedance at 1 MHz with less than 2% error! That's because the Reference 600 has a Rise Time of less than 250 nanoseconds! You can acquire data in DC experiments at 300 kHz, or one data point every 3.3 microseconds! That translates to a scan rate in cyclic voltammetry of 1200 volts/second with a Step Size of 4 mV.

The Reference 600 has 11 current ranges from 600 mA to 60 pA. That's 11 different current ranges in the I/E Converter. By increasing the gain, the instrument can extend to 600 fA full-scale. With this wide current capability, the Reference 600 is a great Potentiostat for corrosion, physical electrochemistry, paints and coatings, and the development of lithium ion batteries.

The Reference 600 employs a very clever scheme to reduce the noise levels in the measurement of the current, voltage, and auxiliary input signal. In addition to a well-designed layout, components selected to balance speed and noise, and extensive analog filtering, the Reference 600 oversamples the voltage and current signals, then averages to smooth the signal. The Reference 600 samples at 60 kHz (16.6 microseconds/point), then averages this data to provide the measurement at the Sampling Period you specify during the experimental setup.

The Accuracy Contour Plot of the Reference 600 is shown below. With the ability to measure impedances as high as 1012 ohms, the Reference 600 does a good job on high-impedance coatings. The combination of wide frequency range and wide impedance range puts the Reference 600 almost in a class by itself. The accuracy at 1 MHz is particularly impressive.


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