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G series

The Series G 300™and the Series G 750™ Potentiostats are installed in the PCI slots of your Windows computer. The Series G 300 and Series G 750 have a current output of 300 mA and 750 mA, respectively. They feature nine current ranges and a noise specification of <20 µV rms. The Series Gs have a current resolution of 1 fA and 2.5 fA, respectively, and share a voltage resolution capability of 1 µV.

Like the Reference Family, the Series G Potentiostats are engineered to meet the requirements of the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations of the European Union.

All Gamry Potentiostats use Sub-Harmonic Sampling and Digital Signal Processing techniques to make EIS measurements up to 1013 ohms over a frequency range of 10 µHz to 1 MHz (300 kHz for the Series G).


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